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The Top Greek islands for vacations off the main touristic destinations


Greek Islands

Greek Islands – there are many and the choice of where to go best, if you have never been there, is usually limited to the standard information, which is provided by a local travel agent or the Internet. The range there is usually limited to famous islands such as Rhodes, Mykonos or Santorini. I would like to emphasize here that these are beautiful destinations, but for those who care just for something different, the following tips should be worth considering. This is exactly why I am going to tell you below a few real secrets of locals to become familiar with one of the most magnificent countries in Europe.  

As with any vacation it comes down to what you want to do specifically. If one longs rather for rest and relaxation, then primarily lesser-known islands are more suitable. Karpathos is a real insider tip, which even many Greeks have not heard of yet. Here you will find little tourism and much more nature!  Mix up with the locals and just spend an incredible time with crystal clear water at the beach of Damatria on one of the southernmost islands of Greece!  

If you want more nature and are still in urge of rest, then you should stick to the east of the Peloponnese, where the Ionian Islands are located. On Zakynthos you can get a little refreshment with Greek summer temperatures and drive to Porto Limnionas , my absolute favorite place to swim ! It is a bit tricky to find the little bay, but you are being rewarded with beautiful crystal clear water! Who is more into Caribbean bathtub temperatures should visit one of the natural beaches in the southwest of the island and go on turtle’s sight. Or you simply rent a small boat in Keri in order to circle around the tiny island Marathonissi combined with snorkeling in the sea caves!  

The contrary program to the idyllic nature of Zakynthos is Milos. The beach of Sarakiniko is located in the north of the island and one of the most photographed beaches in the Aegean! This beach is compared by locals with a lunar landscape and therefore earned its name “Lunar “.  

Finally, Mykonos cannot be amiss on the list of the best islands and is definitely worth mentioning it, because this island has it all! What should be set clear is that, although it might not seem like a secret tip, even the Greeks still fancy this island, whether to celebrate or relax – with its charming white and blue alleys, its multicultural flair and the deep blue sea. Do not miss the sunset in “Little Venice” and have a swim on the beach of Panormos!  

The best way to get there is to fly to Athens and take the ferry from Piraeus, as the smaller islands do not have their own airports and most of the Aegean islands can be reached easily from there.

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