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A Food Travelers Guide to Tokyo


A Food Travelers Guide to Tokyo

Japan is known as the cradle of technology. 

The nation produces some outstanding technological innovations. But there is more to this nation and I found that out with my trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. 

Japan may not be well known for its food, but when you are in this nation you can taste some of the rare delicacies. I love travelling and tasting some good food while on foreign soil. Prior to my visit I had tasted the Sushi (which is a gift from the Japanese kitchen to the world). But during my stay in Tokyo I was exposed to various other delicacies such as Ramen, Tokatsu, Tempura, Satsuma-age, Te-uchi soba, Umi-bado, etc. and I enjoyed each of them. 

Most of these dishes use raw fish meat (I know it may sound gross but just taste a piece and you will be left licking your fingers). Though I spent significant time devouring tasty Japanese food (which was reflected in my kg gains), I also had a scope to tour some of the local attractions in Tokyo. There is so much diversity in the city. At one moment you witness the modern world, and the very next you are taken back to the age of the Empire of the Sun.


If you are looking for a tour to Tokyo, then appoint a local guide  with you. Language is a big barrier when you are touring this city. The guide will also help you understand the true significance of the places. Some of the places I visited during my stay in Tokyo are listed below.


  • Meiji Shrine: The shrine is dedicated to a 19th century emperor who opened Japan to the West. It is less colorful than most of the Asian shrines and the serene ambience are truly refreshing. There is a 40 foot Torii gate that is made with a 1,500 year old cypress tree. You can write your wishes on a paper and tie the paper to the prayer wall or put some Yens in the offering box while at the Shrine. If you plan to visit the Shrine on Sunday then you can witness traditional Japanese weddings.


  • Yoyogi Park: If you want to watch people in Tokyo then there is no place better than the Yoyogi Park. As there is a shortage of spaces in Tokyo so the park is used for all sorts of activities from rehearsals, meeting to music practices. It is a unique experience to watch all the professionals in action.


  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden: This is one of the most beautiful gardens I have witnessed. There are all types of gardens housed here such as French Formal, English Landscape and Japanese traditional gardens. The garden looks amazing in the cherry blossom season.


  • Shibuya Crossing: If you visit Tokyo this is a must visit site. This is a busy intersection near the Shibuya Station. There is a sense of organized chaos that can I enjoyed at this place. There are plenty of shopping and entertainment facilities in the area.


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  • Tsukiji Fish Market: This is world’s largest fish market. This is a favorite pastime spot for most tourists. 5 A.M. is the time to catch live Tuna action. But before visiting you should check for public access, as only 120 people are admitted. There is plenty of quality Sushi counters within the market.


I had my appetite and heart refreshed with this exciting tour to Tokyo. There is a sense of purpose about the city. Even the chaos seems so organized in this city.

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