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Measures to take to ensure your luggage remains safe and intact


Measures to take to ensure your luggage remains safe and intact

As much as we all like to think certain things will never happen to us, unfortunately sometimes they do. The risk of your luggage going missing or being damaged in transit when you fly off on holiday should always be taken into account. There are a several ways in which you can minimise the risks of lost or damaged luggage:

  • Buy a good quality case – When you try to save money in the short term by buying cheaper suitcase they tend to be made with cheaper material which is more flimsy and can’t withstand wear and tear as well. Therefore you’ll end up spending more in the long term. It’s worth investing in a decent suitcase that will keep your belongings protected from things like moisture and pressure. I invested in a Rimowa case from Global Luggage several years ago and after fairly extensive use (I travel between the UK and Italy regularly to visit family) the case is still in great condition and doing me proud!
  • Keep your case secure – You’ll find that suitcases usually come with a small padlock included; however they’re often quite flimsy and the locks can be easily picked. I’d advise you to invest in a heavy-duty padlock with a proper key. This will stop your case from accidentally bursting open during transit, and will also prevent potential thieves from being able to break into your case.
  • Mark your luggage – Find some way to make your suitcase easily distinguishable from others of the same brand or colour. For example you could use stickers or tie a ribbon round the handle to help you to quickly identify your case and make sure other passengers know it isn’t theirs. Post-flight luggage collection is hectic so make sure your case stands out to avoid losing it.
  • Make it identifiable – It’s a good idea to put your basic contact details somewhere on your luggage in case it gets lost and needs to be returned to you. When travelling to your holiday destination make sure you include your name, hotel and a contact number so that your luggage can be returned to you. When travelling home just your name and number will suffice, don’t give away your address details on your case!
  • Check in on time – People who check in late run the risk of their luggage not quite making it onto the plane! Airlines advise you to arrive at check in early or to do it online beforehand, not because they’re worried about you missing your flight but because they have a lot of pre-flight admin to carry out, including getting your luggage onto the correct plane!
  • Photograph your luggage – Take pictures of all of your bags and cases before you check it in, then if it goes missing you can show the photo to the airline and airport security to help in locating it. I’d also recommend making a list of the contents of your luggage so that if a suitcase goes missing you’ll know exactly what has been lost or stolen for insurance purposes.

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