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5 Reasons To Visit South Africa


5 Reasons To Visit South Africa

1. South Africa has a consistently warm climate.  

With most areas experiencing 300 plus sunny days each year, you’d be hard done by to choose the wrong time of year to visit South Africa.  An average rainfall of only 464mm which is nearly half of the worlds average (860mm) means that you won’t get your feet wet on your visit, that is unless you would like to take a dip in the coastal waters that surround half of the country.  

2. South Africa has some of the best (and most condensed) wildlife in the world.

Despite being an average size country for the content covering less than 1% of the planet’s surface, South Africa has 6% of the world’s reptile and mammals and 10% of plants, fish and birds. So it’s no surprise that a Safari is part and parcel of a trip to South Africa.  

3. You getting more bang for your buck!  

You will find that your money keeps going and going on your visit, with the current exchange rate (Sept 2013) 1 GBP trades for 16 RND and 1USD to 10.2 RND you will find that these figures suit your wallet, especially with the average price of bottled beer in a restaurant being only 18 RND!  

4.  The beaches are amongst the best in the world!  

With white sands and the surrounding crystal clear oceans you will find the perfect place to relax on your visit, or for the more adventurous go coastal kayaking or try your hand (foot) at surfing with some of the best waves you will find. Our coasts are also dotted with fishing towns where top quality guest houses can be hired cheaply all year round, check out a local directory such as Paternoster-accommodation for up to date prices.  

5. 5 points aren’t enough to sum up this amazing country!  

There simply aren’t enough words to describe how diverse and rewarding a trip to South Africa can be, you have some of the southern hemispheres most vibrant cities separated by hours of untamed wilderness, you really can design a bespoke holiday fit for either a large group looking for our endless fairways or an intimate trip away to sample our world famous balloon trips.

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